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Tweetie: New Twitter App

Monday, April 20, 2009

Introducing Tweetie, an innovative new application that can be used on your iphone or mac:

Reviews of Tweetie:

“...currently my favorite iPhone Twitter client by far.”

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

“...A must-have for Twitterholics.”

“Seriously fantastic. Tweetie is going to replace the three other iPhone Twitter apps I used daily.”

Alex Payne, Twitter API Lead

“The Supreme Champion Among the iPhone Twitter Clients”

“If you use Twitter, and you have an iPhone, you need Tweetie.” Gotapps

“The best Twitter app I've used on the iPhone to date. It's so easy to use and with the search features integrated, really powerfull as well. I tried to find fault with it and couldn't.”

Tweetie is one of Gizmodo's best iPhone Apps of 2008.

  • Handle multiple twitter accounts.
  • View your timeline, replies, direct messages and favorites.
  • Browse your friends and followers.
  • Post new tweets, retweet.
  • Reply directly to tweets and send direct messages.
  • Follow and unfollow people.
  • Mark tweets as favorites.
  • Navigate reply chains.
  • Inline web browser.
  • Post links with automatic link shrinking via
  • Upload pictures to
  • Update your twitter location.
  • View twitter trends and perform custom searches.
  • Save your favorite searches.
  • Implements the full twitter API.
  • Uses secure connection (https).
  • Go to User shortcut
  • Nearby search
  • Themes and adjustable font size
  • Bookmarklet support

New in 1.2

  • Instapaper integration
  • Optional landscape keyboard
  • Image compression control (for uploads)
  • Nearby radius control
  • Cached avatars
  • Drafts persist across relaunches
  • Resend tweet on network error
  • Refined UI and reply-chain navigation
  • Swipe shortcuts
  • Disable "Accounts" back button
  • Public timeline
  • Block / Unblock users
  • Control # tweets loaded on launch
  • Remember scroll position on launch and reload
  • Improved "load newer"
  • Link to in inline picture viewer
  • Faster favoriting
  • Handle $AAPL style stock links (to
  • Send DM text to email
  • Japanese localization

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