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Leonard Nimoy, Anton Yechin, Karl Urban and John Cho Talk Star Trek

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Independent posted a new interview with Star Trek star Leonard Nimoy and here are few excerpts of the article.

Delighted to be back on board, Nimoy admitted, "It (Star Trek) went off in a direction that I didn't relate to very well. The makers of this film re-awakened the passion in me that I had when we made the original film and series. I was put back in touch with what I cared about and like about Star Trek. So it was an easy way to come on home."

Regarding Zachary Quinto performance as a younger Spock, Nimoy said "Zach made some choices that I thought were wonderful surprises to me. We did not talk about specifics, like 'Do this. Don't do that.' We had very general conversations about the philosophy and psychology of the character, the philosophy of Star Trek and the fans' reactions to various aspects, but there was no specific instruction. It didn't need that and it didn't call for that."

"I think between us, we have book-ended the character. He has created a Spock that comes before the Spock that I portrayed. I'm playing a Spock that comes much, much later and is much more resolved, much closer to who I actually am today," explained Nimoy

The full interview with Nimoy is here.

CanMag posted an interview with actor Anton Yelchin (Chekov) and here are excerpts.

Regarding the Chekov role, Yelchin said "I thought I was born to be this character. No. I actually wasn't a fan. I'm a fan now. I watched a lot of the original series, and there's just something so great about it that you can't help but really love it."

"The biggest part of this experience for me was just the characters are so great. I've had so much joy playing this character, and that's been the most important thing to me. Everything else is secondary."

The full article is here
posted a video interview with Karl Urban (McCoy) and John Cho (Sulu) and here are excerpts.

Urban said: "This is the first one, so you're getting it all fresh."

He also admitted he was a childhood fan of the show: "I watched the original show as a boy, and caught quite a few of the subsequent series, so for me it was a big thrill to be a part of this."

"One is that Roddenberry created really meaningful characters, or whatever it is that pull between Kirk's passion and Spock's logic, that has said something to generations and really appealed to them." Cho said

"It also has a very optimistic and hopeful vision of our future," he added, "and the Enterprise is essentially a group of people of different genders and races and species working towards a common goal, and I just think that's a very attractive message."

You can watch Urban and Cho here

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