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American Idol 2009 Top 7 Part 2 Performances Tonight

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

American Idol's disco night wasn't as much fun as it usually is; not even the usual wildy-creative Adam Lambert performance could save it.

I think as we get closer to the end, the finalists are playing it safe instead of letting loose and going for it. Either that or they just really can't pick good songs. I mean, three Donna Summers songs?!

Adam Lambert's slowed-down, soulful "If I Can't Have You" was easily the best of the night--as Simon said, nobody's ever heard the song like that. It didn't give me goosebumps like some of his other performances, but it's one I'd watch again.

Kris Allen was next-best, taking an Adam-like risk with his guitar and folk art take on "She Works Hard for the Money." I didn't love it, but liked that he tried something different, and he definitely has charisma. Best part was it prompted Paula's comment about how much she loved that Kris went "shopping in the women's department."

Allison Iraheta did well with "Hot Stuff," vamping it up a bit; I keep waiting for her to really wow us, it's coming--right?! Likewise, Danny Gookey showed off his pipes with "September," the same way he's done every other week. And Anoop Desai broke out the pink sweater and stubble for "Dim All the Lights," which is all anyone will be talking about after an 'eh' performance from Noop Dawg.

If only Anoop could've stolen "Stayin' Alive" away from Matt Giraud , who sang it earnestly but a bit blandly, actually -- it's a song that needs to be vamped up, and the piano player from Kalamazoo just wasn't the one to do it.

Finally, Lil Rounds is going to get cut tomorrow for sure, after a lackluster "I'm Every Woman." She was a metaphor for the night--it could've been great given her vocal talents, but something was just missing.

Nobody had that element of wildness, the totally hedonistic 'dance like crazy and live-for-the-moment cause we'll probably all be dead tomorrow' attitude that was the Me Decade. Haven't these kids ever seen the Village People? Sister Sledge? Diana Ross?

Was American Idol's disco night everything you thought it would be? Besides Adam Lambert, did anyone else stand out for you? Tell us in the comments, below.

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