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Jazz play Lakers in game 3, so where's the ‘Jazz Fever?'

Thursday, April 23, 2009

SALT LAKE CITY -- So far, round 1 of the playoffs has been a little rough for the Jazz. They lost the first two games in Los Angeles. They have some injuries and is there any "Jazz fever" from the fans?

It's a little quite on the plaza at EnergySolutions a few hours before tip-off, but come game time, it will be very loud inside.

The Jazz front office says the game will be a sellout, and Jazz fans always come through and scream, even when the team is down.

The building is kind of bare on the outside. There are no giant banners with playoff logos or players wrapping the building. Jazz officials say they may do some decorating later if the team advances. But for now, the money used for banners is being used to pay for entertainment inside the arena during the time-outs and such.

The Fanzz Store is fully stocked with dozens of items with logos and players' names. And there are some good deals in there too--some of the shirts and jerseys are 40 percent off right now.

And if you're a collector, there will be a silent auction of autographed items on the main concourse: pictures, balls, shoes etc.

The Jazz have done this several times this season, and these auctions raise thousands of dollars for various charities.

To gauge the feeling of the fans, we checked in with 30-year season ticket holder John Sudbury. He always sees a silver lining. He said, "I just think the way we've kind of fallen a little south in April, when we played the last part of the season. I think we've kind of fallen down a little bit, so I think, I know some people sitting around me who didn't renew their playoff tickets because they didn't think, especially drawing the Lakers, that we had a chance. Hey there's a game, we got a chance!"

And remember, the Jazz always play well at home: even against the Lakers!

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